Color grid #2

Try my new sketch in

Click in the small grid. Click in the same cell changes color.

The disposition of the colors in the small grid will make a different tile pattern and works like a kind of signature of the tile pattern.


P5.js course at MILL – Makers in Little Lisbon


Last month I gave a P5.js course at the media lab MILL – Makers at Little Lisbon. It was a short but intense course of 3 sessions of 3 hours.

P5.js is a tool for visual artistic creations, based on Javascript and Processing programming. The programs created are called Sketches and run naturally in the browser using the HTML5 “Canvas” object, being easily integrated into Web pages, and having all the resources that are available when developing applications for the web.

The course was based on the work of artist Sol LeWitt as a foundation for the creation of sketches, as well as classic examples of Processing, with the aim of developing new creations and exploring the potential of Processing and Javascript programming.

Sol LeWitt was a conceptual artist whose work consists of written instructions and diagrams for the execution of works, with more or less degrees of freedom. These instructions function as a meta-language for programming.

The course worked based on which allows to create classes and create and share sketches in an integrated way. This was an important point that gave dynamism to the course.

At the end was possible to draw a sketch in a pen plotter available at the MILL.




I used the StippleGen tool to create vector files from an image to make the design of various materials for a musical event commemorating the 25th of April, the day of freedom in Portugal, whose symbol is a carnation.
This tool is widely used for new printing devices such as pen plotters that require vector formats as input.
The new vector images generated also have an aesthetic potential and allow a more interesting manipulation than the bitmap images improving the integration with other elements of design.


StippleGen: Weighted Voronoi stippling and TSP paths in Processing,

TSP art,

A Sphere Lit From The Top

SphereLitFromTop_7_1439568533079 SphereLitFromTop_8_1439569323928SphereLitFromTop_8_1439569020027SphereLitFromTop_8_1439568877112

Following the idea of working in the Processing environment, works made by minimalists in the 70’s in an analog way, I remembered the work of Sol Le Witt,”The Sphere Lit From The Top … “. This is a beautiful subtle work of light and shadows.
Unfortunately I found out that the Processing does not create shadows using ray tracing but, luckily I found a project on Github, the joons-renderer, which does the job perfectly 🙂
Some images of the images I create looks very good.
This is a work to develop maybe later, but much has been learned. Look closely at the works of the great masters always worth it.
Congratulations also to Hyub Joon Lee.

Sol Le Witt, “A Sphere Lit From Top…

Github – joonhyublee/joons-renderer